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If you are searching Costco near me, this page is the right place for you! Here, you can view Costco locations near me in the United Kingdom, where the company currently operates 29 warehouses. Globally, there are 804 Costco warehouses in a dozen of countries.

Costco Locations Near Me: View on the Map

Of course, this page provides you with a fantastic opportunity to locate Costco near me easily and quickly. As a matter of fact, you should just make use of this map and find the nearest warehouses of this retailer on it:

Headquartered in Issaquah, Washington, this retailer has 804 warehouses in a dozen of countries worldwide. In particular, it operates 29 huge warehouses in the United Kingdom.

Here, you can see the number of Costco warehouses in each of the countries it operates in:

  • United States: 558 warehouses
  • Canada: 103 warehouses
  • Mexico: 39 warehouses
  • United Kingdom: 29 warehouses
  • Japan: 27 warehouses
  • South Korea: 16 warehouses
  • Taiwan: 14 warehouses
  • Australia: 13 warehouses
  • Spain: 3 warehouses
  • France: 1 warehouse
  • Iceland: 1 warehouse
  • China: 1 warehouse.

Costco Locations



East of England:

South West England:

South East England:

North East England:

East Midlands:

West Midlands:

North West England:

Yorkshire and the Humber:



Find Costco Near Me By Postcode

Of course, there is another easy way of finding the nearest Costco locations around me in the United Kingdom. Even though there are not as many retail warehouses of this company in the UK, you might still want to find them by using the official store locator.

In order to access the official store locator from Costco, you have to click on the following button:


Instructions on How to Find Costco Near Me

Finding Costco near me can be tricky sometimes. You may find yourself in a situation where you’re looking for the nearest Costco to you and it’s not working like it should. This helpful manual will assist you in locating the closest Costco warehouses and demonstrate how to take advantage of the additional features on this page.

Find your nearest Costco warehouse on the map. Depending on where you live, Costco might be a little difficult to find. But the map you can see on this page (right above) allows you to see the nearest Costco locations – those red marks signify these warehouses of Costco. Now, you can just use the map and find the retailer’s locations near you.

Choose a different area on the map to be displayed. The map isn’t displaying your neighborhood? That’s the issue you can easily fix. So, you must firstly click on the “View Larger Map” text button. After that, you need to browse the map and find the area you are looking for on the next page. Eventually, you can click on “Search this area” and view Costco store locations near me.

Get contact info about a select Costco warehouse. To learn more details and obtain contact info, you need just to click on the red mark of a single Costco store on the map. If you wish to view the phone number of that store as well, click on “View Larger Map” and see the phone number on that page.

Get directions to your nearest Costco store by using Google Maps. You do not know how to get to the Costco warehouse you’ve just found using our map? In that case, you have to select that warehouse on the map and click on the “Directions” button. On the next page, you should enter the address of the starting place of your trip and construct the route. Then, just follow the route and get to that warehouse.

Check the opening times of a select Costco supermarket. Indeed, this map provides a great chance to see the opening times of a single Costco store. To do that, you should select that store on the map and, after that, click on “View Larger Map.” On the next page, you will be able to see the opening times of that warehouse.

Use your Google account to save a Costco store location. Of course, one can say only good things about Google Maps, as it allows us to save all the places we are planning to visit. If you wish to save a Costco warehouse using this map, you need to select that location on the map and click on “View Larger Map.” Then, you should just click on the “Save” button on the next page.

Read customer reviews about the Costco warehouse that interests you. A great advantage of using the Google Maps tool is that you can always check customer reviews about the location you are interested in. For that, you need just to select that single location on the map and click on the “No. reviews” text button. Then, you will be directed to the page with customer reviews about that Costco warehouse.

Utilize the official store locator to find Costco near me by postcode. Having trouble finding the nearest Costco on the map? In that case, click on the button you can find above and access the Costco store locator. On that page, enter your zip code or town (city) in the given field. Then, you will get to view Costco locations near me right away.

The Company’s History

In fact, the company’s origins started from a price club warehouse that was opened by Sol Price and his son, Robert on July 12th 1976 in San Diego. This gave birth to a new concept: retail warehouses that sell everything in bulk at low prices!

The first time Jim Sinegal and Jeff Brotman opened the first Costco warehouse in 1983, they did not know that this would become one of America’s most successful companies. The two men had different backgrounds but came together because both wanted an opportunity for retail distribution. And Jim Sinegal had a job with Sol Price at FedMart, in the retail industry, before. In the same year, the opening of two more Costco stores followed.

Costco Near Me

In 1993, a merger between Costco and Price Club was agreed to after the Price Club declined a merger offer from Walmart. The deal made sense for both companies, as they had similar business models with the two brands being combined into one universal membership that allowed members access all departments at either warehouse store location or online through their website.

Today, Costco is an American multinational corporation which operates a chain of membership-only (needing to have one in order buy there) big box retail stores. As of 2020, it had become the fifth largest retailer in the world and continues expanding by focusing heavily on quality food products, such as wine or prime beef options that can only be found at this type store!

The first Costco warehouse was opened in the United Kingdom in 1993. Today, there are 29 stores scattered across the country, while the number of locations worldwide is currently 804.

Actually, we also advise you to check the Costco opening times as well.

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