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Are you seeking Home Bargains near me? Actually, this is the page where you can find Home Bargains locations in your neighborhood and check out their opening times as well. About the company, Home Bargains is a British chain of variety stores, which currently operates over 500 shops in the United Kingdom.

Home Bargains Locations Near Me: View on the Map

In case you are trying to locate Home Bargains near me, this is the place where you can easily do that. In order to view the Home Bargains shops in your neighborhood, we recommend you to browse this map:

At the present time, this chain of variety stores operates more than 500 shops in the United Kingdom. Besides, the headquarters of Home Bargains is situated in Liverpool, England – just as the headquarters of its parent company, TJ Morris, which, in turn, also operates Half Price or Less, another chain of variety stores.

Find Home Bargains Near Me By Postcode

Even though it is quite easy to find the closest variety shops of Home Bargains by using the map provided above, there are other ways of locating the company’s stores in your neighborhood. For example, you are always able to use the Home Bargains store finder and locate their stores by postcode.

A lot of people are unaware that they can find a Home Bargains store near them by just typing in their postcode. This is because the company has over 500 stores across the UK, so it’s quite hard to know where all of them are located unless you live in the area surrounding one of them. In order to locate Home Bargains stores in your area, you need to access the official store finder by clicking here:


Instructions on How to Find Home Bargains Near Me

You don’t know how to find the closest Home Bargains stores around you? Having problems with using the map we have placed above? Well, this insightful manual contains detailed instructions on how to find the shops of this company in your neighborhood. Besides, here you can learn how to use the other functions of that map.

Find your nearest Home Bargains shop on the map. The Home Bargains is a discount retailer that offers everything from clothes to homewares. They have over 500 stores throughout the UK and Ireland, and this makes it not easy to find one near you. However, you can just look at the map we have published above and see the closest Home Bargains locations in your neighborhood – it’s as simple as that!

Choose another neighborhood to be displayed on the map. It happened to you that the map shows not the area you were looking for? In such a case, you can quickly change that area – just click on “View Larger Map.” Then, browse the map on the next page and find your neighborhood. At the end, you have to click on “Search this area” in order to view the Home Bargains locations in that area.

Obtain contact details about a certain Home Bargains store using Google Maps. Once you have found a variety shop of this company in your area, it is essential to learn the details about it. In order to check the store’s address, just click on that store on the map above and see the address right away. If you want to get to know the store’s phone number too, click on “View Larger Map” after that and, then, view the number on the next page.

Use Google Maps to get directions to the nearest Home Bargains store. When it comes to finding the right Home Bargains shop, we all want to make sure that we get there safe and on time, without any hassle. With Google Maps and the map we have provided, getting directions has never been easier! At first, select the store on the map above. Secondly, click on “Directions.” Thirdly, provide the other point of your trip. At the end, select one of the routes offered by Google Maps.

Get to know when a certain Home Bargains shop is open. Here, we will show you how to use Google Maps and the map placed above in a way, so that you can see the opening times of a certain shop there. Firstly, you need to select that shop on the map. Then, you have to click on “View Larger Map.” After doing so, you will be able to view the opening times of that shop on the next page.

Save a certain Home Bargains location using Google Maps. The usefulness of Google Maps is beyond question, as it allows us to save all the locations we want and access them anytime later! To do this, you need firstly to select a Home Bargains shop that interests you. Then, click on “View Larger Map” and, on the next page, click on the “Save” button. That’s it!

Read customer reviews about a Home Bargain store before shopping there. Another actual advantage of such a tool like Google Maps is that you can read reviews about any location! For that purpose, you must select a certain store on the map above. Then, click on “No. reviews” and get to read customer reviews on the following page!

Use the official store finder to seek Home Bargains stores near me by postcode. Naturally, the Home Bargains website features a store locator, which allows you to find the company’s nearest store in your neighborhood in a quick way. At first, click on the button we have placed above and access the store finder. Secondly, enter your postcode or town in the provided field there and click on “Search.” Alternatively, you may provide access to your location by clicking on “Use your current location.”

About the Company

As a matter of fact, the company was originated by Tom Morris in 1976, who opened a small shop branded “Home and Bargain” in Old Swan, Liverpool. However, the company was rebranded into Home Bargains in 1995, as the number of the company’s stores grew.

Home Bargains Near Me

In fact, the company expanded pretty quickly and transformed itself into a retail behemoth within several decades. Nowadays, customers well know the company for their genuine bargains offered at the stores and easily recognizable blue-and-red design of their logos.

At the present time, there are more than 500 Home Bargains stores in the United Kingdom. Besides, the company employs over 22,000 workers and stocks up to 4,000 product lines.

In addition to all this, you are able to look up the Home Bargains opening times on our website, as well.

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