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Looking to find Iceland near me? In this case, this page will definitely assist you by allowing you to view Iceland locations near me in the United Kingdom. At the present time, this grocery chain (which specializes in frozen foods in particular) operates 960 supermarkets throghout the country.

Iceland Locations Near Me: View on the Map

Basically, this page provides you with a fantastic opportunity to locate Iceland near me quickly and easily. For this matter, we suggest you to browse this map and find the nearest grocery around you:

At the current time, there are around 960 Iceland grocery stores across the United Kingdom. However, the company is headquartered in Deeside, Wales, United Kingdom.

In fact, Iceland operates groceries not only in the United Kingdom, but in multiple countries. At the present time, there are the following numbers of Iceland supermarkets in each of the countries it operates in:

  • United Kingdom: 960 supermarkets
  • Ireland: 27 supermarkets
  • Spain: 15 supermarket
  • Czech Republic: 11 supermarkets
  • Iceland: 7 supermarkets
  • Norway: 5 supermarkets
  • Jersey: 5 supermarkets
  • Malta: 4 supermarkets
  • Guernsey: 4 supermarkets
  • Portugal: 4 supermarkets.

Find Iceland Near Me By Postcode

Got a problem while trying to locate the nearest Iceland stores by using that map? In that case, you may choose to locate Iceland near me by postcode. If you wish to do so, you should access the official store finder on the following page:


Instructions on How to Find Iceland Near Me

Found it problematic to locate the closest Iceland grocery on this webpage? For this very purpose, we have created this detailed manual on how to find Iceland near me. Here, you can sort out any issues that you have encountered while using this website and learn how to utilize features enabled by the map.

Find your nearest Iceland supermarket by using the map. Did you buy a lot less of food than you planned on this week? Or do you need to know where your nearest supermarket is? I’m going to show you the best ways to find an Iceland near me, and it’s easier than you think. First, just look at the map placed above. Then, this action will bring up all of the Iceland locations that are available in your area.

Choose another area to be displayed on the map. The map we have provided on this page displays not the area you were looking for? If this has happened, click on “View Larger Map” and find the neighborhood that interests you on the next page. Once you have located it, click on the “Search this area” button and see the closest Iceland groceries located in that area.

Obtain contact info about a select Iceland supermarket. Do you need to get to know extra details about an Iceland store? Actually, just select that store and get to see the detailed info (such as its address) of that store. If you need to view the store’s phone number, click on “View Larger Map” and see that phone number on the next page.

Get directions to your nearest Iceland store with Google Maps. Having no idea how to reach a certain Iceland supermarket? In that case, select that supermarket on the map and click on the “Directions” button. Then, you will have to provide another point of your trip, which will enable Google Maps to create a route. Now, you can see how you can reach the store you are interested in.

Check the opening times of a single Iceland store. Do you wish to find out when an Iceland supermarket near you is open? Well, that’s a thing that is easy to do with Google Maps! Just select that store and click on “View Larger Map” button. And, after that, you will be able to view the opening times of that Iceland supermarket on the next page!

Use your Google account to save an Iceland store location. Of course, Google Maps in an absolutely fantastic tool, which allows us to keep all our favorite locations. If you want to save a location of an Iceland supermarket, you need to select it and click on “View Larger Map.” Then, just click on the “Save” button on the next page and observe the location being saved to your account.

Read customer reviews about the Iceland supermarket that interests you. What makes Google Maps great? Actually, it is the fact that you can check customer reviews about any location! For that purpose, you need to select the Iceland grocery that interests you and click on “No. reviews” there. After doing that, you will get to see the page with customer reviews about that retail location.

Use the official store finder to locate Iceland near me by postcode. The map placed on this page did not help you to find the closest Iceland supermarkets? Then, you can use the official store locator! For this, you need to click on the button placed above and, on the company’s website, enter your postcode or town. Alternatively, you can just click on “Use my current location” on that webpage.

About the Company

Iceland Foods began in 1970, when Malcolm Walker opened the first store with his business partner Peter Hinchcliffe. Together they invested £60 for one month’s rent at this location and were still employed by Woolworths, while working on their other roles as owners of the Iceland Foods company.

The two men had been friends since childhood; growing up through primary school days together near Oswestry, before going off into different parts of England during junior/secondary education years. Nevertheless, when their employer at Woolworths found out about their roles at the newly established Iceland store, he fired them.

Iceland Near Me

Originally, Iceland Foods specialized in selling all types of frozen foods. In 1977, they established a store that sold packaged foods of their own brands. Just a year later, there were 28 Iceland stores that were selling such packaged food. Since then, the company’s business kept steadily growing.

In 1983, the company acquired 18 stores from the St. Catherine’s Freezer Centres, which was based in Bristol. In the 1984, the company went public and drew extra cash, which it used to acquire Orchard Frozen Foods in 1986 and Bejam, a large rival of Iceland, in 1988. Eventually, the company purchased a number of food halls from Littlewoods, a department store chain

At the present time, the company operates 960 groceries in the United Kingdom and still specializes in frozen foods. Currently, Iceland employs more than 30,000 workers and its headquarters is situated in Deeside, Leeds.

By the way, you are also able to check the Iceland opening times, too.

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