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In case you are searching Sainsbury’s near me, you’ve found the right webpage! Here, you can easily locate the nearest Sainsbury’s supermarkets and convenience shops. Actually, Sainsbury’s is a British chain of groceries, which has 1,428 locations in the country. Besides, it also operates the Sainsbury’s Bank.

Sainsbury’s Locations Near Me: View on the Map

If you need to locate Sainsbury’s near me, the best way to do this is by using Google Maps. So, we advise you to check the nearest Sainsbury’s supermarkets and convenience stores by browsing this map:

At the present time, the company operates around 1,428 locations in the United Kingdom – 608 supermarkets and 820 smaller convenience shops. And, actually, the company’s headquarters remains situated in London, which has been so since the foundation of Sainsbury’s.

Find Sainsbury’s Near Me By Postcode

If you are looking for the closest Sainsbury’s locations yet the map above didn’t help much, you may opt to use the official store finder. There, you can type in your postcode and the store finder will show all stores that are within a certain distance of where ever it is that you live or work!

So, in order to access the store finder on the company’s website, please click on the following button and enter your postcode there:


Instructions on How to Find Sainsbury’s Near Me

As a matter of fact, this part of the page contains a helpful manual, which will assist you in locating the nearest Sainsbury’s locations in the United Kingdom. So, if it happened that you encountered a certain problem while trying to locate them, it is almost sure you will find an answer here.

Find your nearest Sainsbury’s store on the map. Of course, such a huge number of Sainsbury’s locations make the task of finding the nearest locations quite simple – there are definitely a few Sainsbury’s supermarkets in your neighborhood. To view these locations, you need just to look at the map that is placed above.

Choose a different area to be displayed on the map. At times, it happens that the map shows an incorrect area, i.e. not the one the users are seeking. If you are stuck with this problem, you need to click on “View Larger Map” on that map. After that, browse the map in the newly opened page and find the neighborhood you were looking for. Eventually, just click on “Search this area” and observe available Sainsbury’s groceries there.

Obtain contact info about a single Sainsbury’s supermarket. What makes Google Maps such a beneficial tool is that you can get info almost on any place, and Sainsbury’s locations aren’t exception. For this purpose, you need just to click on the certain Sainsbury’s supermarket on the map. If you need more details (such as phone numbers), click on “View Larger Map” and get the information on the next page.

Use Google Maps to get directions to the nearest Sainsbury’s store. If you have no idea how to get to the Sainsbury’s supermarket you have just found, the map placed above will help you. At that point, you have just to select the store on the map and click on the “Directions” button. Then, provide the other point of your journey and let Google Maps to construct a route for you. After that, you can choose between the different variations of the route and transport means.

View the opening times of a certain Sainsbury’s supermarket. Naturally, different Sainsbury’s supermarkets and convenience shops are open at different times. If you wish to check the hours of a certain Sainsbury’s location, select it on the map and click on “View Larger Map.” After you have done that, you will be able to see the opening times of that Sainsbury’s grocery in the newly opened page.

Save a location of a Sainsbury’s supermarket to your Google account. If you are interested in a certain Sainsbury’s location, you are always able to save it for later using your Google account. For that, you must click on that store on the map and, after that, click on “View Larger Map.” In the newly opened page, you should click on the “Save” button and select where you would like that location to be saved.

Read customer reviews about a certain Sainsbury’s grocery store. Of course, Google Maps has already been one of the largest aggregators of customer reviews for quite a while, and you are able to check reviews about a certain Sainsbury’s supermarket. To do that, you must click on that store on the map and, following it, click on “No. reviews.” After doing so, you will get to see a new page with all the customer reviews about that store.

Use the official store finder to search Sainsbury’s near me by postcode. Having trouble finding Sainsbury’s stores using the map provided above? Well, then you can use the official store finder – you need just to click on the button we have placed above. After accessing the Sainsbury’s website, you must either enter your postcode/town or, alternatively, click on “Search using my current location.” Then, you will get to view and browse Sainsbury’s locations near me right now.

About the Company

As a matter of fact, the roots of this company can be traced back to as early as 1869. Back then, John James Sainsbury and his wife Mary Ann opened a store at 173 Drury Lane in Holborn, London, and this was just the beginning of what later became a successful international company. Originally, the company sold only fresh foods, but later started selling packaged products, such as sugar and tea, too. The idea behind the company was simply explained in one slogan: “Quality perfect, prices lower.”

At the beginning of the 20th century, all shops looked somewhat similar. So, at that point, Sainsbury took a decision to place a high cast-iron sign that featured “J. SAINSBURY” on every shop. In 1903, the time when groceries had been introduced, Sainsbury purchased a grocer’s branch in Dalston. Back then, at the time when there were very few cars, each Sainsbury’s shop offered a home delivery service.

Sainsbury's Near Me

In 1922, the company was incorporated as “J. Sainsbury Limited.” But in 1928, however, John James Sainsbury died – the company had 128 stores in operation at that time. Then, his eldest son – who had been in the partnership with his father since 1915 – took over the company and continued to refine the company’s services throughout the 1930s and 1940s.

The company’s heyday, nonetheless, occurred in the period between 1960s and 1990s – new stores were opening at a rapid pace back then. But the company’s frantic activities on the M&A market eventually caused the period of decline in the late 1990s.

Today, there are 1,428 Sainsbury’s locations in the United Kingdom, and the company employs more than 110,000 workers. Known for its private label brands, the company’s own-brand lines include SO Organic, Free From, My Goodness!, Be Good To Yourself, by Sainsbury’s, and Basics. Besides, the company also owns Sainsbury’s Bank and Sainsbury’s Local.

In fact, this website is the place where you can look up the Sainsbury’s opening times as well.

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