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The Tesco supermarket chain is the largest grocery retailer in the UK, with over 2,500 stores. If you’re looking for a Tesco near me and don’t know which one to go to, then read on. We will show you how to find Tesco near me by postcode and on the map, so that you can get back saving time and money today!

Tesco Locations Near Me: View on the Map

Are you seeking to find Tesco near me? For this purpose, we recommend you to browse this map and find the nearest Tesco location in this way:

As one of the world’s ten largest retailers, Tesco currently operates 7,005 stores of different formats. Even though it operates in several countries (currently, there are Tesco locations in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Hungary), the country’s stores are predominately located in the UK. At the present time, the company is headquartered in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, England.

Currently, there are the following numbers of Tesco stores (of different formats) in the United Kingdom:

  • Tesco Express: 1,740 stores
  • Tesco Superstore: 479 stores
  • Tesco Extra: 252 stores
  • One Stop: 780 stores
  • Tesco Metro: 176 stores.

Find Tesco Near Me By Postcode

If you are one of the users who find using Google Maps for locating the closest Tesco locations inconvenient, there is an alternative way for you. Actually, Tesco provides its users with the official store finder, which you can use to find Tesco near me quickly and easily. In order to access the Tesco store finder, click on this button:


Instructions on How to Find Tesco Near Me

As a matter of fact, this detailed manual was created with a goal to help users find the nearest Tesco places in a quick and easy manner. So, if you have faced any issues while trying to locate a Tesco store near you, then this is the place where you should seek instructions on what to do.

Find your nearest Tesco location by using Google Maps. It can be difficult to find your nearest Tesco location if you don’t know where to look. Luckily, Google Maps makes it easy for you by providing a map that shows all of the nearby locations and allows you to zoom in on any one of them. Just browse the map we have inserted above and view available Tesco stores there.

Choose another neighborhood to be displayed on the map. If you noticed that the map displays not the area you wanted to search for Tesco stores, you are able to change it. For that, click on “View Larger Map.” Then, you need to browse the map on the next page until you find the neighborhood you were looking for. At the end, you must just click on the “Search this area” button.

Get contact info about a select Tesco location. Sometimes you need to know the contact information for a specific Tesco store in order to reach it or get in touch with them. You can find this information by using the map we have provided above. There, you need just to click on that store on the map and see the store’s address right away. If you wish to get to know its phone number, click on “View Larger Map” and see it in the newly opened page.

Get directions to your nearest Tesco grocery with Google Maps. Google Maps is a great tool for getting directions from point A to point B, but have you ever needed to locate the nearest Tesco grocery store? Here, you need just to select that single Tesco store on the map and click on the “Directions” button. In the newly opened page, you should enter the other point of your trip and view the resulting route.

Check the opening times of a specific Tesco supermarket. Actually, Google Maps contains the opening times for almost any Tesco location. In order to check them, you need to firstly select that Tesco store and click on “View Larger Map.” On the next page, you will get to view when that single store is open.

Use your Google account to save a Tesco store location. Indeed, a clear advantage of such a tool like Google Maps is that you can use it for saving any Tesco location. To do that, you must click on that Tesco place on the map and, after that, click on “View Larger Map.” Following it, you have to click on the “Save” button and select the category.

Read customer reviews about a certain Tesco grocery store. One can absolutely say that Google Maps is a perfect aggregator of customer reviews. If you wish to read reviews about a certain Tesco store, you need to select that store on the map and, after doing so, click on “No. reviews.” Right after doing that, you will get to see what customers think about that Tesco location.

Use the official store finder to seek Tesco near me by postcode. To find Tesco near me by postcode, you will need to click on the button placed above and, after that, enter the postcode and click search. If there is a store nearby, it should show up on the map and a list of stores below. You can also use that site if you are unsure of what your postcode is! The site will generate a map with all nearby Tesco locations in order from closest to farthest away. Happy shopping!

About the Company

In the early 1900s, there were many food retailers emerging in London. One of such stores was founded by Jack Cohen, a son of the Jewish immigrants from Poland, in 1919. Back then, he started selling war-surplus groceries at a stall in the East End of London.

In 1924, the “Tesco” brand emerged for the first time. Actually, it happened after Cohen purchased a shipment of tea from Thomas Edward Stockwell, as his initials were TES. Then, Cohen added the first two letters of his surname, thus creating the name we know so well nowadays – Tesco.

Tesco Near Me

Even though Cohen initially experimented with selling products at an indoors stall, he eventually opened the first Tesco shop in 1931. After that happened, the company started to gradually expand. Later, it went public on the London Stock Exchange in 1947 and opened the first self-service shop in 1956.

In fact, the company picked up quite a fast pace of expansion during the 1950s and 1960s, when it expanded both organically and through acquisitions. Namely, it purchased 70 stores of Williamson’s in 1957, 200 stores of Harrow Stores in 1959, 212 Irwins stores in 1960, and a few more chains in the following years.

In the same period, the company made its first attempts of diversification, whereas it started selling clothing and household goods back then. Already in 2003, Tesco started experimenting with selling grocery products online.

At the present time, there are 7,005 Tesco stores worldwide, and this makes this company one of the world’s biggest retailers. Besides, the company owns a number of subsidiaries, such as Tesco Mobile, Tesco Bank, Tesco Ireland, Tesco Family Dining Ltd., Spenhill, Dunnhumby, and Booker Group. Currently, the company employs around 423.000 workers.

As a matter of fact, this website is an ideal place for you to view the Tesco opening times as well.

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