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If you are looking to locate Asda near me, this page is a perfect match for you. Here, you can find the nearest Asda location on the map or find them by postcode. As you can see, there are currently 633 Asda locations in the United Kingdom.


Asda Locations Near Me: View on the Map

In fact, there is nothing difficult in locating Asda near me. In order to do this, you should utilize and browse the following map:

At the present time, this supermarket company operates 633 retail stores in England. And, besides, the company’s headquarters is currently located in Leeds, England, United Kingdom.

Here, you can see the number of Asda supermarkets in each region of the United Kingdom:

  • East Midlands: 42 supermarkets
  • East of England: 41 supermarkets
  • Gloucestershire: 1 supermarket
  • London: 43 supermarkets
  • North East: 45 supermarkets
  • North West: 103 supermarkets
  • Northern Ireland: 17 supermarkets
  • Scotland: 61 supermarkets
  • South East: 58 supermarkets
  • South West: 40 supermarkets
  • Wales: 41 supermarket
  • West Midlands: 64 supermarkets
  • Yorkshire & Humber: 77 supermarkets.

Find Asda Near Me By Postcode

Actually, Asda’s official store locator will help you find the closest Asda supermarket near your location. So, if you’re struggling to find the nearest Asda store by using the map above, you can just enter your postcode on their site and they’ll show all of their stores, so it only takes a few seconds!

In order to locate Asda near me by postcode, you have to access their store locator by clicking here:


Asda Locations



East Midlands


East of England


North East England

County Durham
North Yorkshire
Tyne and Wear

North West England

Greater Manchester

South East England

East Sussex
West Sussex

South West England


West Midlands

West Midlands


Yorkshire and the Humber

East Riding of Yorkshire
North Yorkshire
South Yorkshire
West Yorkshire







Mid Glamorgan

South Glamorgan

West Glamorgan




Ayrshire and Arran


East Lothian






Perth and Kinross


Stirling and Falkirk

West Lothian

Northern Ireland

County Antrim

County Armagh

County Down

County Londonderry

County Tyrone

Instructions on How to Find Asda Near Me

Having problems with how to find the company’s nearest supermarkets around you? In that case, these helpful guidelines have got you covered. Here, you can get help and assistance regarding this issue, as well as to find out how to find Asda locations near me in a quick and easy way.

Find your nearest Asda store on the map. Asda is one of the largest grocery stores in the United Kingdom. With over 350 stores nationwide, locating Asda near me can be difficult. Luckily, Google Maps has you covered. Just have a look at the map published above and observe the nearest Asda stores around you.

Obtain contact information about a select Asda store. The benefit of using Google Maps is that this tool allows you to get more information about each single Asda supermarket. For this, you have to just to click on the red symbol of that store on the map. Immediately, you will get to see the store’s name, address, and rating. If you are looking for contact information of that supermarket, click on “View Larger Map” and view it on the next page.

Choose a different area to be displayed on the map. So, you have noticed that the map displays not the neighborhood you were seeking or not the one you are living in? In that case, click on “View Larger Map” – you can spot it in the left-upper corner. After that, you can just browse the map on the next page and find the neighborhood you are looking for. Eventually, click on “Search this area” and view Asda locations near me.

Get directions to your nearest Asda store with Google Maps. You do not know how to get to the Asda supermarket you’ve just located? Actually, you need just to select that store on the map and click on the “Directions” button. On the next page, you have to enter the starting location of your journey and view the route to that place.

Check the opening times of a specific Asda supermarket. You can find the opening times of an Asda store by using Google Maps. In fact, just click on the icon of that specific store and, following it, click the “View Larger Map” text button to see when they’re open in your area! As you can see, it’s quite an easy thing to do!

Use your Google account to save an Asda store location. Google Maps is an amazing tool for navigating the world, and you can save a location of a single Asda store. There, you need just to click on the icon of that store on the map. Then, go on to click on “View Larger Map” and, after that, click on the “Save” button on the next page. At the end, just select where you want to save that location.

Read reviews from customers about the Asda store that interests you. Google Maps lets you see what people are saying about the Asda stores. Just select your desired store on the map and click on “No. reviews.” Then, you’ll be able to read all of those customer comments and make up your mind whether it is worth to shop at that supermarket.

Use the official store locator to find Asda near me by post code. The company’s official store locator will help you find the nearest Asda supermarket. Just click on the button above, enter your postcode on the next page, and they’ll show all of their stores – all this only takes a few seconds!

The Company’s History

Actually, the roots of this company can be traced back to the early 20th century. Then, the Asquith family opened a butcher’s shop in Knottingley, Yorkshire, which they ran until the 1920s – the time when their son Alan took over and expanded into retail grocery shopping. This new direction led him to open up outlets across the West Yorkshire – firstly at Dewsbury (1925), then Liversedge (1931) and Grassington (1938).

However, it wasn’t until he established an office for distribution services did sales really take off! The name was changed from “Butchers” to Grocers Ltd., before eventually being renamed into Asda Co-Operative Society Retail Trading Group Limited.

Asda Near Me

During the 1960s and the 1970s, the soon-to-become-Asda company enjoyed rapid development and significant changes. In 1963, the Asquith brothers converted an old cinema into a self-service supermarket, and an opening of another self-service supermarket thereafter soon followed. There, customers were able to buy fresh produce as well as other items not available elsewhere in small towns.

In 1965, a merger of the Queens supermarkets and Noel Stockdale’s businesses led to the establishment of Asda brand. Eventually, Stockdale bought out the brothers’ share in the company and became the chairman of Asda. His idea was to offer large-scale, low-cost supermarkets, which attracted many consumers.

However, it wasn’t until 1982 that the first Asda supermarket was opened in London. Today, there are 633 supermarkets of this company in different parts of the country. Besides, it also has subsidiaries that provide other services, such as Asda Money and Asda Mobile. Currently, this retailer employs more than 165,000 workers.

Besides, you may also check out the Asda opening times as well.

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