Iceland Opening Times


This webpage is an ideal place for you to check out the actual Iceland opening times. In fact, here you can view either general opening times or check out when a certain store is open (by selecting a certain location below). Besides, this page provides you with detailed info about Iceland Foods as a company.

Iceland Opening Times

Monday 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
Tuesday 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
Wednesday 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
Thursday 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
Saturday 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sunday 11:00 am – 5:00 pm


Actually, Iceland is a chain of supermarkets that is best known for selling frozen foods in UK. And, as such, their opening times usually match those of other retail grocery companies, such as Asda or Aldi.

In fact, you can see the typical Iceland opening times in the table above. And even though they aren’t universal, most stores tend to follow this schedule.

However, you must be aware that the opening times may differ between the various Iceland supermarkets and that the reason why you should look up the hours of a certain Iceland store you are going to visit.

There are a few options on how you can check when a certain Iceland grocery store is open. First of all, you can enter the Iceland Near Me page, locate a convenient for you store there, and click on “View Larger Map” in order to view the hours of that shop on the next page.

The other option for you is to select one of the Iceland locations in the list below – just find the one that is conveniently located for you. On the next page, you will get to see the opening times and address of that particular Iceland store. That’s it!

Iceland Review

So, Iceland Foods is a British chain of supermarkets that specializes particularly in frozen foods. Actually, they have an extensive range of products available which are all, as you can guess from the name, frozen, so there’s no harm in purchasing these and storing them until you’re ready to cook them up.

However, Iceland grocery stores sell not only frozen foods. As you expect to see in supermarkets, you can notice meat, dairy, produce, dry goods, and other types of grocery products on the shelves of Iceland stores. Besides, it is worth mentioning that their prices are extremely low and they are competing for the marketing share with Aldi and Lidl.

But despite their wide selection of grocery products on offer, frozen foods still prevail. At Iceland, you can find any type of frozen products – from prepared meals to vegetables. And it’s an ideal place to make last minute purchases: the UK’s leading frozen food retailer has got the last minute shopper covered – come in and see what they’re up to today! They’ll have everything you need to feed your family this year, at competitive prices that can’t be beaten anywhere else.

Iceland Opening Times

The need for affordable, convenient food doesn’t stop when it gets cold outside. Iceland Foods refuses to let you go hungry in the winter by keeping its products low cost all year round. Freezers are conveniently located at both ends of the store, so that you can grab some icy treats on your way out. Kids will love these cool snacks after dinner!

Overall, Iceland Foods is an amazing chain of low-cost supermarkets in UK, and it is especially favored by people who eat frozen foods from time to time. But given that the prices at Iceland are quite low, you can be sure that you won’t go broke if you shop your groceries here. Indeed, the choice of groceries is not impressive as at Asda, but getting stocked up with groceries here is a nice idea if you have an Iceland store near your home.


So, this is the part of the page where we answer the most popular questions about Iceland Foods stores. In case you would like to find some additional information about this British supermarket chain, this is the place that may help you.

Question: What is Iceland Foods?

So, Iceland is a British chain of supermarkets, known for selling frozen foods. Indeed, the company even started out as a distributor of frozen products, but evolved into a chain of grocery stores.

Question: How many locations does Iceland Foods have in UK?

At the present time, there are around 960 Iceland stores in the United Kingdom.

Question: How to find Iceland grocery store in my neighborhood?

Actually, this is something you can easily and quickly do, with the help of our page that allows you to find Iceland near me. On that page, you need just to look up the nearest Iceland locations on the map and select which one is the most conveniently located for you.

Question: What are the benefits of shopping at Iceland?

First of all, a clear advantage of shopping groceries at Iceland is, indeed, its huge selection of frozen foods on offer. But, secondly, the low level of prices is another upside of shopping at Iceland.

Question: What are the usual Iceland opening times in UK?

In fact, you can see above that the Iceland stores tend to follow similar schedules to those of Asda or Aldi. Typically, Iceland supermarkets are open from 8am to 8pm on weekdays and Saturday, while having shorter hours on Sunday.

Question: How can I get to know the opening times of a certain Iceland store I am interested in?

As we have pointed out above, the opening times may change, especially depending on the location. And that’s why we recommend you to check when a certain Iceand supermarket is open.

There are a few ways how you can do that. First of all, you can select one of the available Iceland locations above and see the opening times of that store on the next page.

Another option for you would be to check up the page that displays the nearest Iceland stores (see the homepage). There, you can select a certain store that interests you on the map and click on “View Larger Map.” After doing so, you will be able to see the opening times of that shop on the next page.

Question: Where can I leave a review about my shopping experience at Iceland?

As a matter of fact, there are at least a few places where you can do that. In the first place, we invite you to write your reviews about shopping at a certain Iceland location in the comments to a certain location.

Secondly, many customers leave their reviews on Google Maps, and you can follow their footsteps. After all, there are specialized websites (such as Trustpilot), which provide you with an opportunity to leave comments about your shopping experience.

Question: What are the most popular frozen foods at Iceland supermarkets?

In fact, Iceland has become so popular largely thanks to their frozen products. And there are certain products that are bestsellers and attract millions of customers across the UK.

Currently, the customers’ favored products are Iceland Stonebaked Mediterranean Vegetable Pizza 408g, Iceland Italian King Prawn Alfredo 450g, Arctic Royal Wild Red Shrimp 700g, Iceland Let’s Eat American Family Box 1.42Kg, Iceland Japanese Miso Style Chicken with Brown Rice 400g, Iceland Indian Style Chicken with Cauli Rice 400g, Iceland the Butcher’s Market Mini Chicken Breast Fillets 1Kg, Iceland Easy Peel Raw Wild Red Shrimp 240g, Iceland Cooked Cockle Meat 225g, Iceland 4 Cauliflower Rice Steam Bags 600g, and Iceland Ready Cooked Tandoori Chicken Skewers 360g.

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